Today’s dividends: Ford, Intel and more

After a record-setting month, it’s time to move on to March … a month that started with $8.51 in dividend income from six different companies. The payments came from Kroger, W.W. Grainger, Intel, Pfizer, Goodyear and Ford.


Kroger (KR) was nice enough to throw a $0.25 dividend my way today.

As crazy as it sounds, Kroger – yes, a grocery store – has been a pretty good investment for me in the short amount of time I’ve owned it. I bought my only two shares last October at an average cost of $20.85 – you know, when everyone decided the Amazon-Whole Foods hookup was going to put every other grocer out of business. Since then, though, the share price has ballooned to more than $27, meaning I’m up $13.22 or 31.70% overall.

Now, Kroger’s $0.50/share annualized dividend isn’t anything special. The 1.82% yield and 28.87% payout ratio, though, leave plenty of room for growth, which is what DGI is all about, right? The company already seems to have the growth thing down as it’s increased its dividend for 11 straight years, most recently at a 10%-plus clip over the last five.


My three shares of Intel (INTC) earned me a $0.90 dividend.

Intel has been another solid investment so far as my position has grown by nearly $30 overall (25.95%). The dividend the company’s dished out has grown, too. I bought all three of my shares at different times, slowly building up my quarterly dividend to its current number. My first-ever payment from Intel, back in June, was for $0.27. The next two, which came after adding a share, were for $0.55. My most recent represents another added share and a raise. That’s right, Intel raised its quarterly payment from $0.27/share to $0.30/share (11% raise).


Ford (F) tossed a solid $5.60 dividend my way today. I just talked about the quarter-over-quarter growth of my Intel payment, but it’s nothing compared to Ford. For starters, I’ve significantly increased my share count over the course of the last month or so. I went from 2 shares to 36. The two shares earned me $0.30 in dividend income last quarter. This quarter, I was paid for 20 shares. The other 16 I bought after the ex-dividend date, but that’s OK … they’ll start earning me money next quarter.

The other reason I went from earning $0.30 last quarter to $5.60 this quarter is because of the $0.13/share special dividend that came bundled with this quarter’s payment. Essentially I was paid $0.28/share ($0.15 regular dividend + $0.13 special dividend) for 20 shares.

I also earned dividends from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company ($0.14)), W.W. Grainger ($1.28) and Pfizer ($0.34).

This week’s steps

I’ve earned at least one dividend every day this week. Royal Bank of Canada ($0.72) passed a little something my way Monday, Fastenal ($0.37) and Lazard ($1.71) paid me Tuesday and Bank of Montreal ($1.46), Ameriprise Financial ($0.83) and Simon Property Group ($1.95) accounted for Wednesday’s steps.

Those, coupled with today’s combined $8.51, add up to $15.55 so far this week.

Last week’s steps

Last week was another steady one for me. Friday’s dividends, coupled with Tuesday’s $0.10 payment from American Airlines and Monday’s $0.60 divi from MDC, gave me a total of $4.50 in passive income for the week. I also picked up a share of AvalonBay Communities, which boosted my forward annual dividend income by $5.88.

March on!

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