Today’s dividends: Home Depot, Unilever and Daktronics

Today was fun, huh?

The DOW dipped more than 700 points — the first time that’s happened since I started my march — and the NASDAQ and S&P 500 didn’t do much better.

My portfolio wasn’t immune to the selloff, either. All but 11 of the companies I own shares of finished in the red … and I own 132. When the dust finally settled, my Dividend Farm saw $443.29 of its value shaved off in today’s session.

That’s a big number. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. It’s only going to bother me as much as I allow it to and, honestly, I’m really not all that concerned about it at all. I wish my portfolio went up everyday, but, well, that’s just not gonna happen. In fact, considering the threat of a trade war and all the political nonsense going on right now, there’s a chance it’ll go down more than it goes up for the foreseeable future.

That said, here’s the deal: I earned $1.55 in dividends from a combined three companies today – Home Depot ($1.03), Daktronics ($0.07) and Unilever ($0.45) – and added $4.34 in forward annual dividend income thanks to purchasing single shares of Kroger and Clorox. Those numbers, even though they just add up to $5.89, outweigh the $443.29 drop … at least in my mind.

You see, the $443.29 I lost today was just a loss on paper. Every downturn in the history of downturns has been followed by an upturn. Remember that. My portfolio will make up the $443.29 loss eventually. It might not be tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year, but eventually, even if I never add another cent to my portfolio, it’ll be worth more than it is now.

The dividends, though, weren’t on paper. They were real. I know they only amounted to $1.55, but I can use that money for whatever I want whenever I want. Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know I’m just going to reinvest that money, but you get the point.

The $4.34 in forward annual income I created was also real. Real-ish at least. I guess there’s a 0.00000056745% chance Kroger and Clorox decide to nix their dividends in the next year, but I doubt it.

OK, I’m going to have to cut this post off right here because the NCAA tourney is distracting me. I know this wasn’t my typical post, but I still got the important stuff in.

This week’s steps

Today was the fourth straight day this week I earned at least one dividend. I also received $0.45 from Avery Dennison Wednesday, hauled in $1.13 Tuesday and earned $1.38 for my three shares of VFC Monday.

I made at least one purchase every day this week as well, most recently picking up a share of General Mills (GIS) for the bargain-bin price of $45.58 and a share of Sotherly Hotels (SOHO) for $6.27 Wednesday. Tuesday’s purchase of BEN, meanwhile, coupled with Monday’s purchase of CVS added another $2.92 to my forward annual dividend income.

Last week’s steps

Friday’s dividend from Duke Energy, coupled with Thursday’s $5.62Tuesday’s $1.84 and the combined $11.08 from Monday, brought my weekly total to $19.43.

I also made a small purchase Wednesday, picking up a share of CVS.

March on!

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