Three dividends, three raises

Gilead Sciences, Corning and T. Rowe Price all paid me more this quarter than last

Finally, a few dividends to talk about.

My portfolio produced at least one payment every day last week. This week, though, was a dry one on the dividend front … until today. I received payments from Gilead Sciences, Corning and T. Rowe Price. They weren’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill dividends, either. They all represented raises.

The raises are just another reminder of why dividend-growth investing is something every man, woman and child – especially those with time to let their investments marinate – should be doing. Dividend-growth portfolios can gain value in three different ways: capital appreciation, dividends and dividend raises. The capital gains aren’t guaranteed, and technically the dividends and raises aren’t either, but the latter two can be pretty close to automatic if you play your cards right. Good companies with solid track records of paying and raising dividends usually do what they can to extend the streaks.

Today’s dividends, $1.45 in all, brought my March total to $46.73 and my 2018 mark to $131.40. I’ve been paid by 43 different companies so far this month, equaling last month’s total.

Here’s more about today’s dividends …

T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price (TROW) is a great example of what a solid dividend-growth stock can do for you. I only own one share, but that share is up $36.52 (51.11%) since I scooped it up for $71.44 back in February of 2017.

On top of that, the company’s passed along five quarterly dividend payments. The first four were for $0.57. Today’s, meanwhile, was for a cool $0.70. On the surface, it’s just 13 more cents. In terms of the raise, though, it’s a significant 22.8% boost. Imagine if I had 100 shares instead of the one I own. My position would’ve appreciated by $3,652 and the raise would line my pocket with another $13 a quarter.

Gilead Sciences

Gilead (GILD) hasn’t been nearly as strong a stock for me, but it is up 7.64% since I bought my one and only share for $70.05 last February. Today’s $0.57 dividend, like the one I received from T. Rowe, represented another raise. My share earned me $0.52 for each of the last three quarters. This quarter, though, it earned me $0.57 – a 9.6% raise.


Corning (GLW), like the others, passed along yet another raise for the one share I own. Like I said in the title of this post … three dividends, three raises. I don’t say that to brag, either. I say it to show that these raises really aren’t some rare occurrence. They’re not only common … they’re pretty damn dependable. Today’s $0.18 dividend was $0.02 more than the $0.16 the company paid me last quarter – a 12.5% raise.

This week’s steps

Today was the first day this week my portfolio spit out a dividend. I made up for it by making purchases each of the other three. I bought a share of Tanger Factor Outlet Centers on Wednesday, added a share of Starbucks Tuesday and picked up a share of PetMed Express (PETS) Monday, adding another $3.57 to my forward annual dividend income.

Last week’s steps

I earned at least one dividend every day. I received $4.20 from Lockheed Martin and a few others Friday, a combined $1.55 from Home Depot, Daktronics, and Unilever on Thursday, $0.45 from Avery Dennison Wednesday, $1.13 from GameStop and UnitedHealth Tuesday and $1.38 for my three shares of VFC Monday.

Overall, they added up to $8.71 for the week.

I made a bunch of purchases last week as well. Thursday, I picked up single shares of Clorox and Kroger. I also bought single shares of General Mills and Sotherly Hotels on Wednesday, a share of Franklin Resources on Tuesday and a share of CVS Health on Monday.

Combined, the purchases boosted my forward annual dividend income by $9.68.

March on!

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