March portfolio update

111% more dividend income came my way this March than last

What can I say about March that hasn’t already been said?

St. Patty’s Day was a success (thanks to good friends and Irish Whiskey), the NCAA Tournament was as wild as ever (even though my Buckeyes didn’t make it past the second round) and my Dividend Farm continued doing what it does best … pumping 111% more dividend income than it did last March.

I earned a combined $48.39 from 46 different companies (compared to $22.90 a year ago) – that’s an average of $1.56 a day and just a few cents away from my all-time high. I also made a handful of purchases, which you can read about below, to increase my forward annual dividend income by $26.49. As of this post, I’m up to $642.77.

Anyway, after a record-setting month of February – a month in which my portfolio spit out a personal-best $48.93 – March got started with a combined $8.51 in dividend income from six different companies. The payments came from Kroger, W.W. Grainger, Intel, Pfizer, Goodyear and Ford.

Boeing passed along a $1.71 dividend for the one share I own the following day and I was off and rolling toward another $48 month.

Here’s how things went the rest of the way, on a week-by-week basis:

Week of March 5th

I increased my forward annual income by $2 thanks to a purchase of CVS on Monday. Tuesday featured a dividend from Valero and Wednesday saw a $1.82 dividend from UPS hit my account. I also made a handful of purchases, scooping up shares of MDC, Procter & Gamble and Franklin Resources – which added $4.88 to my steadily growing forward annual dividend income total.

I made another couple purchases Thursday, adding shares of AT&T and Verizon to my portfolio, and received $3.17 worth of dividend income from a combined four companies (Microsoft, Discover Financial Services, Cummins and Amgen).

Rounding out the week, I earned $1.13 worth of dividends from Exxon and Yum! Brands on Friday. In all, I earned $6.92 of completely-passive income and boosted my forward annual dividend income by $11.24. Not a bad stretch if I do say so myself.

Week of March 12th

Friday, I saw a dividend from Duke Energy come my way. Coupled with Thursday’s $5.62 (from McDonald’s, Hershey, Whirlpool, International Paper, Consolidated Edison, Meredith, Prudential and Old Republic), Tuesday’s $1.84 (from Johnson & Johnson and LyondellBasell) and the combined $11.08 from Monday (Target, IBM and 3M), I earned $19.43 … my best week of the month.

I also made a small purchase Wednesday, picking up a share of CVS.

Week of March 19th

I earned at least one dividend every day. I received $4.20 from Lockheed Martin and a few others Friday, a combined $1.55 from Home Depot, Daktronics, and Unilever on Thursday, $0.45 from Avery Dennison Wednesday, $1.13 from GameStop and UnitedHealth Tuesday and $1.38 for my three shares of VFC Monday.

Overall, they added up to $8.71 for the week.

I made a bunch of purchases as well. Thursday, I picked up single shares of Clorox and Kroger. I also bought single shares of General Mills and Sotherly Hotels on Wednesday, a share of Franklin Resources on Tuesday and a share of CVS Health on Monday.

Combined, the purchases boosted my forward annual dividend income by $9.68.

Week of March 26th

I was paid by Gilead Sciences, T. Rowe Price and Corning on Thursday – the first day of the holiday-shortened week in which my portfolio spit out a dividend. I made up for it by making purchases each of the other three. I bought a share of Tanger Factor Outlet Centers on Wednesday, added a share of Starbucks Tuesday and picked up a share of PetMed Express (PETS) Monday, adding another $3.57 to my forward annual dividend income.

I closed the month with dividends from Bank of America, Pepsi and Union Pacific on the 30th.

As you can see, with me, it’s all about small steps. If my portfolio doesn’t pay me on a given day, I pay myself, adding money to my Robinhood account and buying dividend-paying stocks with it pretty much immediately. I didn’t sell anything this month and, thanks to the market’s overall decline, made a few more purchases than normal to take advantage of the deals.

I also reinvest all my dividends, which brings me to my DIY DRIP for the month


I used this month’s $48 and change in dividend income to add to my positions of AT&T and Ford. I bought one share of each for a combined $45.87 – $34.93 for T and $10.94 for F. The purchases add $2.60 to my forward annual dividend income.

Since I’ve been tracking my do-it-yourself DRIP, I’ve collected a basket of stocks worth $319.24 as of this post … just with dividend income. Those stocks, in turn, are on track to produce a combined $13.92 in annual dividend income for the foreseeable future.

March on!

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