This week’s steps: 14 dividends and 2 purchases

First off, those of you who regularly read my blog probably noticed a lack of posts this week … at least in relation to my normal amount. That was by design, and, based on the week I had, I think I’m going to cut back and make one post a week the new normal.

The last handful of days were great. I goofed around with my kids, spent meaningful time with my wife, was more focused at work and even had a little time to myself. See where I’m going with this? Writing super-consistent posts, as much as I enjoyed the daily progression, was starting to cut into other aspects of my life … aspects I didn’t want cut into.

I kinda thought I needed a bit more balance and, after going a week without posting, I know I need more balance. I think we all do, right?

So, with that said, my investing approach isn’t changing in the slightest. I’m still going to make the daily steps (dividends, purchases and/or deposits into my Robinhood Account), I’m just going to wait until Friday’s to post about them.

Oh, and look at that … it’s Friday. So, without further ado, here’s a look at this week’s steps.

This Week’s Purchases

I made a couple purchases this week, raising my forward annual dividend income by $4.50. I’m up to $647.27.

Kraft Heinz Company

I picked up a share of Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) for $61.04 – a price just a shade over its 52-week low of $59.48. It’s a new position for me, bringing my basket of stocks that pay quarterly dividends in March, June, September and December to 48. In other words, I’ll be getting paid by 48 different companies in June, which I’m pretty excited about.

There was one main reason for the purchase: I simply couldn’t pass up a company with a dividend yield above 4% and P/E ratio below 7. I couldn’t do it. The $2.50 annualized dividend has a payout ratio of about 28%, which means it’s more than sustainable, too.

Now, the knock on the Kraft Heinz Company is that people are starting to move away from the processed junk it’s known for and gravitate toward healthier alternatives. I can’t argue with that … I’ve tried to do the same. I will say, though, that I still need Heinz ketchup on my organic, grass-fed burger. On top of that, Kraft mac-n-cheese is the only mac my kids will eat, and I can’t blame them. The organic stuff legitimately tastes like cardboard.


AT&T (T) has been a staple in my portfolio ever since I bought my first two shares on July 11, 2016. I paid $84.92 for them (average cost of $42.46) that day. The company has gotten increasingly cheaper since then, though, as I paid $36.06 for this week’s share.

It’s one of the largest positions in my Dividend Farm, making up 4.60%. I now have 23 shares at an average cost of $37.58. Those shares will earn me at least $46 over the course of the next year thanks to AT&T’s $2 annualized dividend.

This Week’s Dividends

Today was a solid week for dividends for me. I earned a combined $7.15 from 14 different companies. I was also paid at least one every day the market was open … and one it wasn’t.

Automatic Data Processing

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) actually passed along its dividend on Easter if you can believe that. That was a first for me … never been paid on Easter before. My one share earned me $0.63.


I still remember the first dividend I received from Walmart (WMT): a $0.50 divi the day before my birthday last year. I remember it because it was the first dividend payment I ever received. I’ve since earned a few more, like the $0.52 payment my one share produced this week, but that’s one, like I said, I’ll never forget.


Kimberly-Clark (KMB) hasn’t been one of my top performers, that’s for sure. It’s down 10% since I added it to my portfolio for $122.91 in February of 2017. That said, I’m thinking about adding more here pretty soon. Earnings are starting to creep up (25% EPS growth last quarter verses the same quarter from the previous year) and the dividend is rock solid. This week’s $1 dividend for the one share I own represents a raise of $0.03 from last quarter (3% boost). It’s the 53rd straight year the company’s increased its dividend. That’s not bad, people.

Coca-Cola Company

Coke (KO) sent a $0.39 dividend my way – a payment a cool $0.02 more than the one I earned last quarter (a 5.4% raise).


Nike (NKE), which is up 34% since I bought my one and only share for $50.64 in November of 2016, paid me a $0.20 dividend this week.

Here’s a rundown of this week’s other dividends: $0.24 from H&R Block (HRB), $0.34 from Tapestry (TPR), $0.72 from Genuine Parts Company (GPC), $0.56 from Spire Inc. (SR), $0.28 for the two shares of HP Inc. (HPQ) I own, $0.63 from Seagate (STX), $0.60 from Royal Caribbean, $0.56 from Eastman Chemical Company (EMN) and $0.48 from Merck (MRK).

If you still want daily updates, no worries, I’ll be sure to post on my Facebook Page and Twitter. Follow me at @marchtoward1mil if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, I’ll look forward to posting again next Friday.

March on!

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