April portfolio update: personal-record $64.17 in dividend income

April was a big month for me.

A really, really big month.

No, my PORTFOLIO didn’t perform particularly well (losses piled up to close to $400), but that’s not to say it didn’t grow.

Oh, It grew all right.

Those of you who regularly read my updates know I’m all about the slow and steady approach. I invest as often as possible, mostly buying single shares at a time (commission-free with Robinhood, of course). This time around, though, I went a little wild thanks to the perfect storm created by a pretty large tax return and lots of decent deals presenting themselves.

How wild? Well, I put around $4,000 to work.

April’s purchases

I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the month, but I’m pretty sure now: we are in a great market for dividend-growth investors. During last year’s run to record highs, it was hard to justifiably buy a good chunk of the fan favorites out there. Multiples were just too high.

Now, though, some really solid stocks – PG, CLX and GIS just to name a few – are flirting with 52-week lows. A boatload of REITs are at the bottom of their 52-week ranges as well.

Time to load up, right?

I certainly did. I invested $4.448.17, most of that thanks to the aforementioned tax return, and boosted my forward annual dividend income by $154.02. I’m up over $800 for those of you keeping score at home.

The yield on the purchases works out to 3.46%. Maybe not the best $4,000-plus I’ve ever spent – I mean, I am married with three kids (i.e. wedding ring and, well, kids can get pretty damn expensive sometimes) – but it’s up there. I’m fairly certain I won’t regret it 20 years from now.

I added to some existing positions (a handful of high-yielders like T, F and NRZ and a few value plays like CLX, KMB and PG) and achieved something I’ve been working toward since the start of my march. Thanks to April’s shopping spree, I have 50 companies that pay quarterly dividends in January, April, July and October, 50 that pay in February, May, August and November and 50 that pay in March, June, September and December. I had to buy some fairly expensive stocks to get there, companies like CAT and STZ, but I really wanted them in my Dividend Farm so I can live with it.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of April’s purchases:

Annual Income
SBUX 1 $56.86 $1.20
T 9 $305.81 $18.00
F 14 $153.39 $8.40
KHC 1 $61.04 $2.50
ARTNA 1 $36.90 $0.94
LVS 1 $72.51 $3.00
MGA 1 $60.96 $1.32
PFE 1 $36.36 $1.36
IBM 5 $749.95 $31.40
MS 1 $53.12 $1.00
ETN 1 $78.95 $2.64
MA 1 $179.42 $1.00
COST 1 $196.92 $2.28
CAT 1 $155.92 $3.12
AAL 1 $47.89 $0.40
CBRL 1 $164.14 $4.80
OHI 1 $26.45 $2.64
STZ 1 $231.84 $2.96
XLNX 1 $68.56 $1.44
ALL 1 $97.05 $1.84
WSO 1 $190.81 $5.80
PKG 1 $117.14 $2.52
CLX 3 $358.27 $11.52
MO 4 $231.96 $11.20
PG 2 $150.46 $5.74
KMB 1 $98.46 $4.00
VTR 1 $46.79 $3.16
NRZ 3 $49.50 $6.00
MMM 1 $198.06 $5.44
CY 4 $61.36 $1.76
EPR 2 $111.32 $4.64

This month’s dividends

I was flirting with the $50 range (in total dividends) for each of the last two months, but didn’t quite get there. I earned $48.93 in FEBRUARY and $48.39 in MARCH, which was a shame because I’d been waiting on getting to the $50 mark for awhile.

Well, I didn’t get there in April, either … I soared past it, skipping it all together and landing squarely in the mid-$60 range.

Obviously, the $64.17 I earned from a combined 43 different companies is a new personal best for me. The boost was nearly $30 more than the $35.74 the same basket of stocks earned me last quarter (JANUARY) … and I have two stocks to thank for it: NRZ and BEN.

NRZ passed along $10 for the 20 shares I owned back in January. This time around, though, thanks to 32 additional shares working for me, the mortgage REIT dished out $26 in April. That’s $16 more right there. The story with BEN was a bit different. The company paid me $12.92 for the four shares I own, with most of that coming in the form of a $3 a share special dividend. In January, for comparison, I owned just one share which earned me a whopping $0.23 (no special dividend).

Here’s a rundown of all the dividends my portfolio spit out in April:

ADP $0.63
KO $0.39
NKE $0.20
WMT $0.52
HRB $0.24
TPR $0.34
GPC $0.72
SR $0.56
KMB $1.00
HPQ $0.28
STX $0.63
RCL $0.60
EMN $0.56
MRK $0.48
OMC $0.60
ITW $0.78
MO $0.70
SOHO $0.69
BBY $0.45
VTR $0.79
BEN $12.92
THO $0.37
LEG $0.36
WPC $1.02
AVB $2.94
POR $0.34
CINF $0.53
RSG $0.35
MDT $0.46
CAH $0.92
DTE $0.88
DGX $0.50
CY $0.11
MKC $0.52
DG $0.29
CSCO $1.65
CMCSA $0.19
GE $0.36
NRZ $26.00
SYY $0.36
JPM $0.56
CPB $0.35
CM $1.03


I purchased a share of EPR Properties (EPR) for $55.66 as part of this month’s do-it-yourself dividend-reinvestment plan. Ever been to a Topgolf? If you have, you know they’re awesome … and EPR owns 30 of them, along with a slew of movie theaters, other entertainment complexes and even some schools. The share comes complete with a $4.32 annualized dividend (7.78% yield).

Since I started my DIY DRIP (because Robinhood doesn’t offer the service), I’ve built a collection of stocks worth $380.24 that pays $18.24 in dividends annually.

As of this post, my portfolio is worth $22,026, meaning I’m 2.2% of the way to my $1,000,000 goal.

March on!

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  • Good job. I love skipping levels in third month I blew by 300 and 500 all together closing in on 700.00 in that third quarter month. Keep it up you will hit 70.00 soon

  • CanadianPassiveIncome
    5 months ago

    Congrats on hitting an all time high! Why do you want 50 stocks paying each month? Seems like a tonne…… 50 total is alot to monitor..

    Anyways keep it up

    • I do have a ton … maybe overkill, but I wanted to create a passive income stream that spits out daily dividends. With 50 that pay on each of the three schedules, I get 50 dividends a month, which averages out to more than one a day.

  • Just found your post. Good job! I,m sure you will make your goal.

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