Week of June 4, 2018: 8 dividends, 1 purchase and 1 sale

This week was as ho-hum as they come, but the march maintained some momentum as I earned a combined $6.27 in dividend income from eight different companies.

I also bought a couple shares of New Residential Investment Corp., boosting my forward annual dividend income by $4 to $991.89. Yeah, I know … less than $10 away from $1,000. See! I told you small but steady contributions can add up to big things.

This week’s dividends

I was fortunate enough to earn at least one dividend all five days the market was open … and I’m scheduled to get another two payments over the weekend: $15.70 from IBM (I own 10 shares) and $3.72 from Target (proud owner of six shares). I should see the IBM dividend hit my account Saturday while the Target divi is slated to show up on Sunday.

When those hit my account, I’ll have earned a dividend payment all seven days of the week. There’s nothing like getting paid seven days a week, am I right?

Anyway, the biggest of this week’s dividends (so far) came from UPS. My two shares earned me $1.82 ($0.91/share) for the second straight quarter.

Amgen also tossed a nice little dividend my way: $1.32 for the one share I own. It’s been a nice DGI stock for me since I picked up my lone share for $165.06 back in April of last year. Amgen has bumped its dividend a little higher each of the last six years, including, on average, 20.95% each of the last three. You don’t need me to tell you, but I’m going to anyway … that’s a nice raise, people.

This week’s other handful of dividends came from XLNX ($0.36), WMT ($0.52), VLO ($0.80), UL ($0.48), DFS ($0.35) and AEP ($0.62).

This week’s purchases

New Residential Investment Corp. has been popping up in a lot of my posts recently, and this one is no different. The the mortgage REIT offers a great combination of current yield (11.04%) and value (price/earnings ratio of 4.52 and price/book ratio of 1.18). Anytime I see an undervalued stock with a high but sustainable dividend yield, I see an opportunity to generate current income and future capital appreciation. That’s exactly what I’m looking for out of NRZ.

The two shares I scooped up this week – shares I snagged at an average cost of $17.96 – were the 98th and 99th I’ve collected over the course of the last year and a half (I have 99 shares at an average cost of $17.55). My position, which makes up 6.80% of my DIVIDEND FARM, is up $65.37 as of this post and will generate $49.50 in quarterly dividend income starting with next month’s payment, which, needless to say, I’m already looking forward to.

This week’s sales

Those of you who regularly read my blog know I almost never sell. I do make exceptions every now and then, though.

One such exception came this week as I sold a share of Sprint – a share given to me by Robinhood as a referral bonus – for $5.24. Which reminds me … thanks for using my link to sign up and start building your future with Robinhood, Alfred K. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Those of you who don’t have Robinhood and want to give it a try (and who doesn’t want to give commission-free trading a try, right?), feel free to use my REFERRAL LINK. We’ll both get a free stock.

March on!

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