Week of June 11, 2018: 14 dividends and a purchase


I just had to get that off my chest.

I apologize for getting this post out a couple days later than normal, but the week – and weekend – just got away from me a bit. While my wife was locking down a license to teach yoga, I was chasing after our three boys all weekend. Couple that with Father’s Day festivities and, well, you get a post that finally gets published a couple days late.

Then there’s the fact I’m kinda lazy. That may have played a slight role as well, and it’s probably the reason I started this post with an apology. If I made my regular Friday post a priority on Friday, well, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. I didn’t, though, and time, as it tends to do, quickly got away from me.

OK, I feel better now.

As for the week that was on my march toward $1,000,000, I hit a couple exciting marks. I’ll start with the dividends.

This week’s dividends

This week saw a combined $11.51 from 14 different companies hit my account. I was paid at least one dividend on four of the five trading days, with Friday’s haul of $4.39 from seven companies providing the highlight. MMM paid me the most, with my two shares earning me a cool $2.72, but the really cool number is $308.20.

Yup, I went over $300 in dividend income so far this year, my second as a dividend-growth investor. Considering I earned $355.63 all of 2017, I’m super happy with the growth so far. I can’t wait to see where I finish the year. It looks like I’ll eclipse last year’s total by the end of next month!

Anyway, I already mentioned MMM, so here’s a rundown of the other dividends I received: XOM ($0.82), MGA ($0.33), JNJ ($0.90), KHC ($0.63), WHR ($1.15), HSY ($0.66), IP ($0.48), MDP ($0.55), ORI ($0.20), ED ($0.72), MSFT ($0.42), PRU ($0.90) and HD ($1.03).

This week’s purchase

I used the one divided-less day this week to pick up my 100th share of New Residential Investment Corp. for $18.19. I think I’m done with NRZ for a while, but wanted to get my position to 100 shares just to say I did it. I know that sounds goofy, but it’s true. It’s a nice round number and, of all the companies I invest in, NRZ turned out to be the first I could do it with … hopefully the first of many.

I paid an average of $17.56 for them … shares that have appreciated almost $60 overall. Not bad for a stock that shells out a quarterly dividend of $0.50/share (11.01% yield).

I’m already pumped about next month’s $50 payment. That’ll be more than I made in any single month last year. Let me repeat that: when NRZ pays its quarterly dividend next month, my 100 shares will have earned me more in a single day from a single company than my entire portfolio earned me in any single month in 2017.

That’s pretty cool. Add whenever you can and you’ll be amazed how quickly the dividends add up.

March on!

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