June 2018 portfolio update

After hanging out in the $40-$50 range for what felt like a pretty long time, I finally cracked the $60 mark when I earned a combined $64.17 in dividend income in the month of April. I earned another $60-plus in May and … and … and …

And that – sub-$70 – is where I am once again. Sorry if I had you going. I kinda thought I’d get to $70 myself, but, well, looks like I’ll have to wait at least one more month.

Is that such a bad thing though? So I stayed between $60-70 in June, but so what? My Dividend Farm came agonizingly close to delivering $70-plus, but believe me when I say I’m certainly not complaining about the $69.68 I pocketed in June.

I’m not complaining because I know I’ll get there sooner or later. Investing is a great practice if you want to improve your patience. It’ll be tried at times (I know mine has been) but, as long as you’re consistent and stick to the plan, it’s not a matter of if, but when in terms of reaching whatever goal you may have.

I mean, who would complain about $69.68 of some of the most passive income a person can earn anyway? Not me, that’s for sure. Those of you who’ve been following my march for some time know where I started. You know I earned $8.25 my first month (January of 2017). You know I’m not racing toward $1,00,000, but marching … you know I’m taking things one purchase at a time … one dividend at a time.

It’s been a bit of a grind, sure, but that grind is starting to show signs of life. The dividends, while small at first, have always been consistent. Now, thanks in part to that consistency, they’re starting to add up to some halfway significant sums.

I say all that as a kind of reminder for myself as much as anyone who might stumble upon this post. I know from personal experience that $8.25 is hard to get inspired by. But, regular guys like me have to start somewhere. I love my job as a sports editor, but I decided a few years ago that it wasn’t going to make me rich. I knew I had to take care of that myself and, well, that’s what I’m working toward.

Another thing I know is this: if I stick with the plan and essentially keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll eventually get to that $1,000,000 I’m marching toward.

June’s Dividends

Ok, I think I’ve rambled on enough for one post. Let’s get into June’s $69.68 in dividend income – a personal record, by the way.

I was paid at least one dividend on 20 different days. IBM paid me the most, passing along $15.70 for the 10 shares I own.

WMT $0.52
XLNX $0.36
F $5.85
GT $0.14
INTC $0.90
PFE $0.68
BA $1.71
GWW $1.36
KR $0.38
CMI $1.08
VLO $0.80
UPS $1.82
UL $0.48
DFS $0.35
AMGN $1.32
AEP $0.62
IBM $15.70
TGT $3.72
XOM $0.82
MGA $0.33
MMM $2.72
JNJ $0.90
KHC $0.63
WHR $1.15
HSY $0.66
IP $0.48
MDP $0.55
ORI $0.20
ED $0.72
MSFT $0.42
PRU $0.90
HD $1.03
DUK $0.89
MCD $1.01
VFC $1.38
WING $0.21
AYR $0.28
LYB $1.00
AVY $0.52
DAKT $0.28
LMT $2.00
WM $0.47
GM $1.52
GME $0.38
UNH $0.90
LVS $0.75
GILD $0.57
TROW $0.70
GLW $0.18
PEP $6.49
UNP $0.73
BAC $0.12

June’s Purchases

As far as purchases go, I added to four positions. I invested $403.45 in all, boosting my forward annual dividend income to $20.96. Oh, and the purchases helped me creep past $1,000 in forward annual income, which is a mark I’m pretty pumped about.

It took me 540 days from the first dividend I ever received to get to $1,000 in forward annual income. Let’s see how long the next $1,000 takes.

Annual Income
NRZ 3 $54.12 $6.00
SBUX 4 $199.96 $5.76
T 4 $127.00 $8.00
F 2 $22.37 $1.20


I hate to say it, but I have to be honest: the end of the month kinda snuck up on me. That said, I didn’t make a purchase with the dividend income I received in June. Stay tuned. I’ll put that money to work in the next week or so.

March on!

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