Dividend Investing

Why the heck aren’t more people dividend-growth investors?

One of my favorite things about dividend-growth investing is this: every purchase helps you grow your portfolio today, but, even more importantly, it helps you grow your portfolio tomorrow.

Gotta love a dividend aristocrat at a discount

AT&T (T), like pretty much everything else in this world, isn’t perfect. Growth isn’t exactly its strong suit these days...

Welcome to the portfolio, ONEOK

I didn't receive any dividends today, but I did ensure I'll receive a few more in the future by adding a share of ONEOK (OKE) to my portfolio.

5 dividends make down day easier to swallow

Considering my portfolio took a complete swan dive today, down more than 1%, it was nice to see a few dividends find their way into my account once the market closed.

Salary vs. dividends: which is the better option for you?

The following is a guest post by Stacy B. Miller So you’ve set up a small business and with God’s grace,...

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Days like today keep me motivated because, well, any dividend is a good dividend. It always feels great to be paid. Getting paid 7 times feels even better.

Swingin’ for the fences

I knocked one out of the park today (Friday, June 9, 2017). In baseball, hit one over the fence and you get to trot around the bases ... all four of 'em. The investing version of a round-tripper involves adding to your portfolio in four different ways.

Hit one out of the park; invest with the Cycle Method

I haven’t even been investing for a year and I’m already convinced it’s one of the single best decisions I’ve...

Dividend draft: who ya takin’ No. 1?

With the top overall pick in the 2017 Dividend Draft, I select …. … … In the spirit of the...

Is it just me, or does investing kinda feel like parenting?

OK, Target, I’ve had it … go to your room. Now! What’s that? Huh? I don’t wanna hear it. I...