Gotta love a dividend aristocrat at a discount

AT&T (T), like pretty much everything else in this world, isn’t perfect. Growth isn’t exactly its strong suit these days...

NRZ: a yield worth chasing

My investment strategy promotes constant progress. It’s why I call my investing journey, and this blog, my march toward $1,000,000....

Welcome to the portfolio, ONEOK

I didn't receive any dividends today, but I did ensure I'll receive a few more in the future by adding a share of ONEOK (OKE) to my portfolio.

5 dividends make down day easier to swallow

Considering my portfolio took a complete swan dive today, down more than 1%, it was nice to see a few dividends find their way into my account once the market closed.

June portfolio update

I was paid $32.84 by a combined 40 different companies in June - a 43.4% increase from the $22.90 I earned by the same handful of stocks in March. The increase had a tiny bit to do with a few dividend hikes, but was powered primarily by purchases made with fresh capital and dividend reinvestment in April and May.

Salary vs. dividends: which is the better option for you?

The following is a guest post by Stacy B. Miller So you’ve set up a small business and with God’s grace,...

Verizon is always welcome in my portfolio

I made a quick deposit and bought more because, well, why not? The two shares of Verizon I grabbed for $44.98 lowered my average cost by about $2 from $50-plus to just over $48 a share.

Welcome to the portfolio, Lazard

Today, my account got a boost from some capital gains. Not that I had anything to do with the gains, but I'll certainly take them. I also made a $50 deposit and, overall, my portfolio grew by $112.92.

Heading into the weekend with 4 fresh dividends

Nothing's better than taking a peek at your portfolio at the end of a long day and seeing it's gone up in value ... nothing.

Foot Locker not as smelly as people think

I was all about FL when I picked up a share for $76.77 back on May 5. Now, though, it's all the way down to $48.20 as of Wednesday's close. It was down $2.51 (4.99%) on the day and slumped $28.57 (37.22%) since I added it to my portfolio.