Learning to deal with the dips

S&P 500 suffers 2nd biggest loss of the year The DOW was down almost 1%, the NASDAQ tumbled more than...

The DOW just doesn’t want to go down

The best part about investing is the market always goes up. Wait … that doesn’t sound right. That’s not right,...

YUM … another dividend

When I added YUM! Brands to my portfolio, I really didn’t have many expectations. I was looking for a company...

July portfolio update

July, like every month, was a busy one for my portfolio. I started or added to five different positions, 40...

nearly new record

Almost a new dividend record … almost

I’ve noticed the first day of the month tends to be a good one for dividends. How good? Well, Tuesday,...

I wish I had Bill Ackman’s pull

ADP shares surge on news of Ackman stake When billionaire investor Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management builds a stake...

Breaking into new territory

Like any worthwhile endeavor, dividend-growth investing takes time and effort. Success doesn't happen overnight ... it's about creating a path and methodically marching along it. Don't stray, but take your time and enjoy the stroll

Why the heck aren’t more people dividend-growth investors?

One of my favorite things about dividend-growth investing is this: every purchase helps you grow your portfolio today, but, even more importantly, it helps you grow your portfolio tomorrow.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Days like today keep me motivated because, well, any dividend is a good dividend. It always feels great to be paid. Getting paid 7 times feels even better.

Swingin’ for the fences

I knocked one out of the park today (Friday, June 9, 2017). In baseball, hit one over the fence and you get to trot around the bases ... all four of 'em. The investing version of a round-tripper involves adding to your portfolio in four different ways.