Dividends and a purchase … a perfect day

CSCO hooked me up; my position in T keeps growing

Any time you get paid a couple dividends AND buy a share or two of a company to increase future dividend payments, it's a pretty good day.


That's what my Wednesday was like. The dividends were pretty decent for me – $3.77 from Cisco for the 13 shares I own and $0.16 from Comcast for one share. The purchase was decent, too.

It was my second straight quarter getting paid $3.77 from CSCO. As for the chump change from CMCSA, well, it was my first-ever payment from the company.


I also scooped up a share of AT&T for $37.90. It bumped my position up to eight shares while lowering my cost-basis to $39.28. AT&T makes up 2.26% of my portfolio.

The share increased my forward annual passive income by $1.96, so I'm currently sitting at around $390, which I'll certainly take. I'm not sure if I'll get that high ($390) this year, but the combined $3.93 from Wednesday did get me up to $20.28 in dividend income for July and $155 for the year.

I'm still not bringing home significant chunks of change on a day-to-day basis, but the nearly $4 a quarter from CSCO, for example, is certainly getting me pumped for the days when those numbers start to creep up into the double-digit range. Although I'm paid a dividend more than 40 times a month, most are like the Comcast divi … for now.

Just for fun, here's how the first few days of the week have treated me.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I hope I'm inspiring some of you to start investing, but, either way, I'm certainly glad you're following my journey.

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