Nothing like seeing those dividends grow

I like dividends.

I really like dividends that grow, though … like two of the combined five payments I received Today.

Today’s Dividends

I earned a combined $2.95 from five different companies – dividend payments that brought my October total to $13.07 and my 2017 mark to $247.08.

Illinois Tool Works: ITW passed along a $0.78 payment for the one share I own. Illinois Tool Works has been a great stock for me, up $32.10 (26.86%) since I purchased my one and only share late last year. The dividend got a major boost since then, too. The company paid a $0.65/share dividend last quarter. This quarter’s, meanwhile, represents a 20% raise.

Altria: MO dished out a $0.66 dividend – an amount which represented another raise compared to last quarter’s $0.61 payment. Today’s was more than 8% more, which I’ll most certainly take.

HP Enterprise: HPE paid me $0.07 –  the second and probably last dividend I’ll ever earn from the company. The yield is less than 1.5% as it is and, with earnings per share shrinking by 89.51% last quarter verses the same quarter the previous year and a payout ratio already at a staggering 136.84%, I don’t see that dividend growing anytime soon. I recently sold my share for pretty much the same amount I bought it for.

Omnicom: OMC paid me a combined $1.10 for the two shares I own ($0.55/share). Omnicom hasn’t been a particularly strong performer over the course of the last three months, down 7.58%, but it’s not a bad looking stock. The P/E ratio isn’t too bad (15.08), the profit margin is OK (8.67%) and it’s growing its earnings per share (+2.94% last quarter verses the same quarter from the previous year).

The dividend is in good shape, too. With a yield of almost 3% (2.95%), the annualized dividend of $2.20 a share represents just a 44.44% payout ratio.


Best Buy: BBY sent a $0.34 dividend my way. Best Buy, like Illinois Tool Works, has provided a nice little boost to my Dividend Farm, with my one share up $18.77 (48.88%). The dividend, with a yield of 2.30%, should get a boost pretty soon, too. The payout ratio is just 35.98% and the company is doing just fine financially.

Match on!

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