Thanks for the 25% raise, Royal Caribbean

I consider any day with a dividend payment a good one. Days when I make purchases, buying stocks that will lead to more dividends in the future, are pretty solid as well.

Then there are days I get a dividend and make a purchase. Those, days like today, are the best of all.

Today’s Dividend

Royal Caribbean (RCL), which operates as a global cruise vacation company, tossed a $0.60 dividend into my account. I only own one share, but man has it been a good one to own.

For starters, my one share, which I picked up for $96 back in February, has soared to $124.55 as of today’s close. That’s a $28.55 (29.74%) gain.

The dividend’s worked out well, too. Today was my third payment from the company. My first two were both for $0.48, meaning the most recent $0.60 payment represents a 25% increase. When was the last time you got a 25% raise? Yeah, I never have either … at least not in the traditional sense. This one felt pretty good even though it’s only applicable to a small part of my portfolio (0.85%).

The raise means I’ll be pocketing an extra $0.48 of dividend income from Royal Caribbean over the course of the next year.

Today’s (and yesterday’s) purchase

I made a couple purchases over the course of the last few days. Monday’s blog post was about the share of Kroger stock I picked up. I added another for $21.48 Wednesday, doubling my position to two shares at an average cost of $20.85. Kroger now makes up 0.28% of my portfolio. The position will produce an extra $1.00 of forward annual dividend income (the company pays an annualized dividend of $0.50/share).

I’m pretty excited about today’s purchase as well. I grabbed a share of Aircastle (AYR) for $23.96. The company leases, finances, sells and manages commercial flight equipment. It pays an annualized dividend of $1.04 so, coupled with the Kroger purchases, I boosted my forward annual dividend income by $2.04 so far this week.

Aircastle boasts a solid dividend yield of 4.34% and a manageable payout ratio of 62.65%. The company, the 45th in my portfolio that pays quarterly dividends in March, June, September and December, has an average dividend growth rate of 7.93% over the course of the last five years. It has raised its dividend each of the last six years and has been paying dividends since 2006.

March on!

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