That’s a good lookin’ dividend you have there, Lowe’s

Another dividend came my way Wednesday, boosting my November dividend income to $18.94 and my lifetime mark to $291.22.

Here are a few thoughts on the company – one of my favorites in terms of the dividend – that passed it along:


Lowe’s (LOW) handed me a $0.41 dividend for the one share I own. It was my fourth payment from the home improvement retailer. The first two were for $0.35 while the last two were for the current quarterly amount.

I picked up my lone share for $73.22 almost a year ago (December 2016) and, while the share price hasn’t jumped the way some of my other stocks have, the dividend is doing exactly what I and every other dividend-growth investor with a handful of shares to his or her name wants it to do: grow.

Lowe’s, which has a dividend yield of 2.11% to go with a pretty low payout ratio of just 43%, has grown its payment at an average clip of 22% over the course of the last three years. The most recent bump, from $0.35 to $0.41, represents a solid 17% boost.

Better yet, or at least just as good, is the fact the company has been dedicated to paying its dividend since 1961. Not only has it paid one, but it’s raised its dividend each of the last 55 years.

Between the growth and the consistency, it’s pretty clear the company is dedicated to rewarding shareholders through its dividend.

March on!

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