Up to 14 dividends so far this month

Thursday’s three dividends, as you can probably tell from the title of this post, give me 14 for the month … and we’re just nine days into November.

The combined $1.40 boosted this month’s haul to $20.34 and my 2017 total to $292.62. I also earned a dividend on Wednesday, making this the second straight day with at least one payment.

Here’s a closer look at Thursday’s three dividends:


The biggest of the three came from Raytheon, which passed along an $0.80 dividend for the one share I own. It was my third payment from the company – the first was for $0.73 with the last three for the current quarterly amount.

Raytheon (RTN), which develops and manufactures defense and security solutions (a.k.a. missiles) doesn’t make up a huge portion of my portfolio – just 1.24% – but it has been accountable for some huge gains. The stock price has jumped $44.58 (31.76%) since I opened a position back in August.


Nucor (NUE) is a Dividend Aristocrat, which is why I added it to my portfolio in the first place. It pays a decent dividend ($1.51 annually, which represents a 2.62% yield) and has raised that dividend each of the last 43 years. Thursday’s $0.38 payment was my fourth from the steel manufacturer.

The dividend has been pretty much the only good thing about it, though. Nucor is down 9.25% since I bought it almost a year ago. Good thing it only makes up 0.38% of my portfolio.


Mastercard (MA) passed along a $0.22 dividend for the one share I own. Its yield is super low, under 1%, but, with Mastercard, it’s not all about the dividend (it’s kind of the anti-Nucor). The share price is up $37 since I opened a position back in February and, after beating EPS estimates by $0.11 a share last quarter, it looks like it has plenty of room left to run despite the fact it’s already pretty damn expensive.

I’ve contemplated selling my share of Mastercard so I can lock in the good gains and use the money to invest in a stock with a higher yield, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

March on!

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  • It’s always nice to see additional cash flowing in and 14 companies paying already is impressive considering we’re barely into November!

    • Steady Saver
      2 years ago

      You ain’t lyin’ … the money isn’t anything to write home about, but the consistency is enough to keep me motivated. Thanks for following along!

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