Dividends: rays of sun on a cloudy day

When it comes to the market, nobody likes down days.

Sure, they offer a handful of great buying opportunities – Target dipped 9.44% today, Omega Healthcare fell another 3.65% and General Mills sank another 2.90% – but they’re still not a whole heck of a lot of fun.

A ton of companies were in the red today, but I singled out the above three because I know they are popular choices among the DGI crowd.

I own all three and, well, my portfolio didn’t have its best day as a result. That’s not to say I’m discouraged. It’s important to understand the market has days like this, worse even (way worse).

Another reason I’m not discouraged is because of all the dividends I received after the market closed for the day. I was paid by nine different companies and, while the combined $7.54 won’t make up for the $100-plus that vanished from my Dividend Farm today, it did make it a little easier to come to terms with.

You see, part of the reason I built a portfolio of more than 130 different dividend payers is because I wanted to average more than one dividend a day … and I did it for days like today. Why? Not because I can’t handle a down day or think the dividends will more than make up for the losses. It’s because they give me something to build on. A $0.50 dividend isn’t going to make up for a 1% dip in my portfolio, but it gives me a positive to walk away with when there aren’t many others to write home about.

Today’s Dividends

AbbVie (ABBV) paid me $1.92 for my three shares ($0.64/share); Abbott (ABT) passed along $0.27; Tanger Outlets (SKT) hooked me up with $1.37 for owning four shares ($0.34/share); Omega Healthcare (OHI) paid me $0.65 for my one share; Paychex (PAYX) added $1.50 to my portfolio for my three shares ($0.50/share); Hasbro (HAS) paid me $0.57 for my one share; Proctor & Gamble (PG) passed along $0.69 for my one share; I received a $0.40 dividend from Colgate (CL); and Hormel (HRL) dished out a $0.17 payment.

I’ve now earned $33.14 in dividend income so far this month and $305.42 for the year. That’s right … today’s haul brought me over the $300 mark!

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