November portfolio update

Well, folks … I did it. I finally crossed the $40 threshold for dividends received in a month.

I’d like to say it wasn’t easy, but, well, the truth is it wasn’t all that hard, either. I didn’t do anything but buy stocks that pay dividends then use those dividends to buy more stocks that pay dividends and, well, you get it.

Sure, I spent hours upon hours pouring through balance sheets, spread sheets, blog posts, Facebook groups, books (this one is generally accepted as one of the best) and anything else I could get my hands on in relation to dividend-growth investing. But, I wanted to do those things … I needed to.

I didn’t know what the heck I was doing for a good 2-3 months, but I quickly realized information is as important to investing as the capital used to invest in the first place. You have to learn to be successful, you don’t just succeed.

I’m still learning things on an almost daily basis and, well, that probably won’t change anytime soon as the market, like the companies traded on it, is constantly evolving.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Let’s get back to the month that was for my Dividend Farm.

This month, I received $45.27 in dividend income from a combined 44 different companies … not a life-changing amount, but a new personal record I’m pretty proud of! I’ve been close to breaking the $40 mark a couple of times – I earned $38.43 in May, $39.59 in August and $38.27 last month – but, until now, haven’t quite been able to make it happen.

Fortunately, as any dividend-growth investor will tell you, I knew getting to $40 was only a matter of time. Time is what makes it all possible.

November’s Dividends

Here’s where the dividend income came from this month …

  • Nov. 1: GIS ($0.49), T ($7.35), DRI ($0.63), VZ ($2.95), BMY ($0.39) and DE ($0.60)
  • Nov 2: TD ($2.33)
  • Nov. 3: CVS ($2.50)
  • Nov. 5: PNC ($0.75)
  • Nov. 6: UVV ($0.54)
  • Nov. 8: LOW ($0.41)
  • Nov. 9: RTN ($0.80), MA ($0.22) and NUE ($0.38)
  • Nov. 10: AXP ($0.35) and GD ($0.84)
  • Nov. 13: TXN ($0.62), CLX ($0.84) and APD ($0.95)
  • Nov. 14: OKE ($0.75) and MMP ($0.91)
  • Nov. 15: HAS ($0.57), PAYX ($1.50), SKT ($1.37), OHI ($0.65), HRL ($0.17), CL ($0.40), PG ($0.69), ABT ($0.27), and ABBV ($1.92)
  • Nov. 16: AAPL ($0.63)
  • Nov.17: AMP ($0.83)
  • Nov. 20: LAZ ($0.41)
  • Nov. 22: MDC ($0.25), C ($0.32), WSM ($0.78) and FAST ($0.32)
  • Nov. 24: COF ($0.40)
  • Nov. 27: RY ($0.72) and AAL ($0.10)
  • Nov. 29: BMO ($1.40), EVA ($2.46) and UPS ($1.66)
  • Nov. 30: SPG ($1.85)

As you can see, I earned at least one dividend on 19 of November’s 30 days … that’s a pretty consistent clip. The combined $45.27 averages out to $1.50 a day over the course of the entire month … my best number yet.

My best day came on the 1st, when I hauled in a single-day record (for me) $12.41.

November’s Purchases

I didn’t make a ton of purchases this month (Christmas is coming, ya know) …

The two shares of Foot Locker boosted my forward annual dividend income by $2.48 while the share of INTC added another $1.09. The combined $3.57 was way, way, way below my goal of a $10 monthly increase, but, like I said, Christmas is coming.

My oldest wanted a Nintendo Switch and, since I know Santa isn’t going to miraculously place that puppy under the tree, my wife and I had to shell out the $400 for the system and the Mario game he wants . Normally, that money would go to the portfolio. This month, though, the kids were more important. I mean, they’re always more important, but you know what I’m saying. I’m sure December will be the same way.


I used the dividend income I received this month to buy a share of Intel for $44.52. Intel has gone on a nice run of late, and I may not be picking it up at the best price, but It I like the company so I pulled the trigger. Combined with the two shares I already own, the purchase brought my position to three shares at an average cost of $38.05. It makes up 0.86% of my portfolio.

Coupled with my other purchases since starting this whole DIY DRIP thing (since Robinhood doesn’t offer a DRIP service) –  GE, CSCO, T and GLW – I’ve built a group of stocks currently worth almost $170 which pays out $5.31 annually. That’s just with dividend income, people. Free money making more free money … can’t beat it.

As you probably figured out by my Robinhood reference, it’s my brokerage of choice because, well, it doesn’t charge commissions. You can trade as many stocks as you want 100% free. It’s what makes my entire strategy possible.

If you’re interested in checking it out, use my link and we’ll both get a free stock. Sure, it’ll probably be Groupon or Zenga or something cheap like that, but it’s something.

Thanks for following along. March on!

2 Responses to “November portfolio update

  • Steve Killingsworth
    1 year ago

    opened a Roth today…i am going have this be a more divy focussed account… is FUN part of your portfolio? I can’t buy it thorugh my 401k but can and will in my Roth.

    • Steady Saver
      1 year ago

      Yes!!! As an Ohio boy, I love FUN. I have it in my portfolio because of the dividend … but I’ve also had some awesome times at the park. Cedar Point is always fun and, believe me when I say, it brings in a TON of money.

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