Today’s purchase: Starbucks

I picked up something from Starbucks today, but it wasn’t a cup of coffee … it was a share of the company. Sure, I had to pay a bit more than I would for a grande latte, but it was totally worth the $58.14.


Thanks to today’s purchase, Starbucks (SBUX) now makes up 0.66% of my portfolio. I own two shares at an average cost of $56.43.

The share adds $1.20 to my forward annual dividend income. I’m up to $636.74 … that’s $1.74 a day (365 days a year) and $0.07 an hour (24 hours a day). Ain’t passive income great?

The dividend comes complete with a lowish 2.08% yield, but its growth more than makes up for it. Starbucks has boosted its dividend for seven straight years, most recently at an average rate of 23.79% over the course of the last three.

The dividend isn’t the only thing growing, either. Earnings are also on the rise. Starbucks reported 5.9% quarterly revenue growth (year-over-year) and 199.30% quarterly earnings growth (year-over-year).

It’s not the best value you’ll find out there, not even close, but it’s a solid stock to have on a rainy day.

This week’s steps

Today’s purchase was my second of the week. I also picked up a share of PetMed Express (PETS) Monday, adding another $1 to my forward annual dividend income.

Last week’s steps

I earned at least one dividend every day. I received $4.20 from Lockheed Martin and a few others Friday, a combined $1.55 from Home Depot, Daktronics, and Unilever on Thursday, $0.45 from Avery Dennison Wednesday, $1.13 from GameStop and UnitedHealth Tuesday and $1.38 for my three shares of VFC Monday.

Overall, they added up to $8.71 for the week.

I made a bunch of purchases last week as well. Thursday, I picked up single shares of Clorox and Kroger. I also bought single shares of General Mills and Sotherly Hotels on Wednesday, a share of Franklin Resources on Tuesday and a share of CVS Health on Monday.

Combined, the purchases boosted my forward annual dividend income by $9.68.

March on!

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