This week’s steps: 9 dividends and 3 purchases

Another week in the books … and several more steps added to the march.

This Week’s Dividends

I earned a combined $17.66 in dividend income from nine different companies, receiving at least one all five days of the week. I won’t be able to quit my job anytime soon, but, from a consistency standpoint, you can’t get more consistent than that. Who doesn’t like getting paid every day?

Franklin Resources

Last quarter, I earned a whopping $0.23 quarterly dividend payment from Franklin Resources (BEN). At the time, I was thrilled. The payment was a full $0.03 more than the $0.20 payment the company sent my way the previous quarter (15% raise).

This week, though, thanks to the purchase of three additional shares and a special dividend, last quarter’s $0.03 boost was nothing. In all, mostly due to a $3/share special dividend (and the fact I had four shares working for me instead of one), I received a $12.92 dividend payment from BEN this week. Just for fun, any idea the percentage increase on that? It’s 5,517%. I know, I know – the company will go back to the normal $0.23 quarterly amount in July – but might as well enjoy it while I can, right?

Sotherly Hotels

I earned my first-ever dividend from Sotherly Hotels (SOHO) this week: $0.69 for the six shares I own ($0.115/share). I stumbled across the company a few months back and have been adding here and there ever since. It’s a pretty easy one for guys like me to add because it’s really, really inexpensive. Shares are trading at less than $7 right now.

Its $0.46/share annualized dividend represents a 6.70% yield. If you’re looking for a high-yield stock, SOHO is a pretty good one in my opinion. Revenue is starting to rise (5.40% quarterly year-over-year) and cash flow from operating activities is also heading in the right direction.

Thor Industries

Thor (THO) is another company that paid me for the first time this week. My one share, which I picked up for $126.05 back in February, earned me a $0.37 dividend.


I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but, like Thor and Sotherly, Ventas (VTR) is another company that paid me for the first time this week, passing along $0.79. I have one share, another February purchase, which I scooped up for $51.09.

Best Buy

Best Buy (BBY) is a company I’ve owned since, well, pretty much day one of my march. I’ve owned my one share since September of 2016. I’ve wanted to add for awhile now, but the stock price just keeps going up. My one share is up more than $30 (86.90%).

The dividend has been going nowhere but up as well. The first quarterly payment Best Buy ever sent my way was for $0.28. It went up to $0.34 a few quarters later and, thanks to another big boost this quarter, this week’s payment was for $0.45. Think about that … a 40% raise. No wonder the stock price keeps going up.


Altria (MO) passed along a $0.70 dividend for the one share I own … another raise. It’s a boost of $0.04 from last quarter (6% raise).

So, what do all the raises, additions and special dividends mean? I’ll tell you what they mean: just taking into account the nine dividends I earned this week, this month’s haul will be at least $14.69 more ($12.69 more from BEN, $0.04 more from MO, $0.11 more from BBY, $0.69 more from SOHO, $0.79 from from VTR and $0.37 more from THO) than what the same basket of stocks earned me in January.

Again, that number would be greatly reduced if you take the special dividend out of the equation (and it will be out of the equation next quarter), but you get the point: add shares of solid companies whenever you can, enjoy the occasional special dividend, and watch the dividend income go up. Gotta love DGI!

I also earned dividends from OMC ($0.60), ITW ($0.78) and LEG ($0.36) this week. All three payments were unchanged from last quarter.

Last week, in case you missed it, I earned $7.15 from 14 different companies.

This Week’s Purchases

I made three purchases this week, scooping up two shares of AT&T (T) at an average price of $35.25, a share of Ford (F) for $11.41 and a share of Artesian Resources (ARTNA) for $36.90.

Artesian Resources

Artesian is a new position for me. I picked up the share because I figured adding a water utility to my portfolio probably wasn’t a bad idea. Artesian, according to its website, is the eighth-largest investor-owned water utility in the United States. It pays a $0.94 annualized dividend (2.56% yield).


The two shares of AT&T brought my position to 25 shares at an average cost of $37.39.


The share of Ford boosted my position to 39 shares at an average cost of $11.50.

Overall, the purchases increased my forward annual dividend income by $5.54 – $1.04 more than last week’s $4.50 increase (thanks to purchases of T and KHC).

March on!

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