Apple headlines my Dividend Farm 2 months in

March toward $1,000,000: Weeks 7 and 8


First, let me take a second to apologize for not posting last week. I don’t have an excuse. I just kinda let it slide to the back of my mind and, well, I never really went back there to recover it.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me catch you all up as to exactly where I’m at.

Today’s Dividend Farm

My top holding is Apple (AAPL) – a company I’ve invested exactly $878.79 in (4 shares). That number’s significant considering my portfolio is only worth $4,000 or so. In other words, the company makes up about 21% of my portfolio. Still, my investment is chump change compared to all the hard-earned cash I’ve sent Apple’s way over the years.

I’m typing this post on a MacBook Pro while listing to Gary Clark Jr. with my AirPods. My wife and I both have iPhones and we have an iPad floating around as well. I’m not sure where the kids had it last, but I’m sure it will turn up.

Needless to say, It’s about time I get Apple to start sending cash my way. You know, instead of the other way around. It’s flirting with 52-week highs, but Apple is a company I can invest in and feel good about pretty much regardless of the price. My four shares account for $11.68 of the $80.72 of estimated annual income my portfolio is earning me as of today. That won’t get me any of Apple’s products, which are seemingly getting more expensive by the day, but it will get me a fraction of a share (with the DRIP) I’ll gladly take as my position continues to grow.

Blackrock (BLK) and Boeing (BA) smooth out my top three holdings (in terms of equity). I own single shares of each.

Other companies I’ve invested in now that I’m about two months into my march include UnitedHealth Group (1 share), Fedex (1 share), Broadcom (1 share), Costco (1 share), Starbucks (4 shares), Constellation Brands (1 share), AbbVie (2 shares), Chase (1 share), Lowe’s (1 share), Pepsi (1 share), Microsoft (1 share), Allstate (1 share), Nike (1 share), Verizon (1 share), Cisco (1 share) and Comcast (1 share).

As you can see, I have a good start from a diversification standpoint. I own a handful of tech companies (AAPL, MSFT, CSCO), a telecom (VZ), a media company (CMCSA), an apparel company (NKE), a coffee/restaurant giant (SBUX), some healthcare stocks that do different things (UNH, ABBV), a specialty retailer (LOW), a food and staples retailer (COST), a freight and logistics company (FDX), a semiconductor stock (AVGO), a couple beverage companies (PEP and STZ), an insurance company (ALL) and an aerospace and defense company (BA).

Feel free to check out my PORTFOLIO for more info.

Tomorrow’s Dividend Farm

In the next couple months, the plan is to build my portfolio to 30 or so companies. I want to have exposure to things the stocks I currently hold don’t. You know, companies like MasterCard, Air Products (chemicals), Caterpillar (machinery), Procter & Gamble (household products), AEP (utilities), 3M (industrial conglomerates), Ford (automobiles) and MGM (casino/hotels).

Once I have those I guess I’ll just go from there.

Stats (through 8 weeks)

Portfolio Value: $4,161.59

Overall Gain/Loss: +$105.00

Estimated Annual Income: $80.72

March on!

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  • Well done Ben! The hardest part is getting started, and since you’ve already done that… its all down hill from here 😉 Apple is expensive right now, but they’ll continue to send a growing stream of dividends your way for a loooong time! Keep up the great work, I look forward to following your journey!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m not in love with the price, but I’m a big fan of the company and just want to build a decent share count. I’ll probably buy the dips from here on out.

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