Wall Street is freaking out over Apple warning

So is my portfolio

daily dividends

In the spirit of transparency, which is important to me, my portfolio took a swan dive today.

How’d yours do?

Apple (AAPL) – my biggest holding – was my biggest loser. It was probably just about everyone’s biggest loser. My eight-share position shed $126.14 worth of value (9.96%). Broadcom (AVGO) wasn’t much better as my one share sank by $22.55 (8.9%). I guess it can thank Apple for the rough day as a slowdown in China is freaking people out big time.

When the dust finally settled on Wall Street, my Dividend Farm dipped $266.88 (4.13%) – worse than the major indices – as the DOW was down 2.83%, the NASDAQ sank 3.04% and the S&P 500 fell 2.48%.

The good news, though, is I did earn a few dividends. Nothing like a combined $1.33 in dividend income to make up for a $266 hit, right? Ha.

Today’s Dividends

Apple may go even lower in the near future. Then again, it may go higher. Same thing for the rest of the stocks I own. It’s what they do. Good thing I’m not investing for the near future. I’m playing the long game … and to succeed long-term means making consistent strides no matter what the market is doing.

That said, I did just that today. By automatically investing the combined $1.33 in dividend income I earned from three different companies, my estimated annual income inched higher, up a whopping $0.02 today. Two cents might not seem like much, but it’s progress. It’s a raise that I didn’t have to do anything for … and those raises are only going to get bigger as I add more and more shares to my portfolio over time.

For those of you keeping score at home, I received $0.46 from Allstate (ALL), which turned into another 0.00564 shares when reinvested; $0.65 from FedEx, which purchased another 0.041 shares of the company; and $0.22 from Nike (NKE), which translated to another 0.00301 shares. They were my first dividends of the new year.

In case you missed it, here’s how yesterday went.

Until tomorrow, March on!

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