Thanks for the dividend, Microsoft

A small, but welcomed dividend from Microsoft – a cool $0.92 – hit my portfolio today. The divi brought my monthly total up to $4.48 and my 2019 mark to $39.90.


Today’s Dividend: $0.92 from Microsoft

Microsoft paid me a little more this quarter than it did last, $0.92 for the 2.01222 shares I own. I bought my first piece of the company for $111.35 back in September of last year, earning a $0.46 dividend a few months later – a payment which added 0.00419 shares to my position when reinvested. I picked up another share for $104.75 in February and today’s dividend added another 0.00803 shares.

In other words, my Microsoft position has had some slow, but steady growth. Overall, it’s up $17.71 (8.14%) as of this post.

I have 27 positions in my Dividend Farm, and Microsoft (MSFT) is the 11th biggest. That’s a number I would like to change in the near futre. It certainly isn’t my 11th favorite company … it’s one of, if not the, best companies in my portfolio (in my humble and far-from-professional opinion).

I love to fire up the old xbox when I have the time and my kids are starting to get into gaming in a major way as well. The company’s gaming division made over $10 billion in 2018 – the first time it’s ever done that – and I think that number is only going to grow. The problem is, well, Microsoft never seems to be on sale, at least not to the degree of some of the other companies in my portfolio. That reason alone has prevented me from really making a push to add more shares. I’m starting to think it will never look cheap, though, and I should probably just buy because I want to own more.

Today’s dividend was my fourth so far this month. I’ve also earned $0.81 from Phillips 66, $2.07 from Boeing and $0.68 from American Electric Power.

March on!

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  • Reverse The Crush
    2 months ago

    Looks like you’re off to a great start to the year. Congrats on the Microsoft dividend! That’s awesome that your dividend farm is up to 27 positions. Do you plan on increasing that number?

    • Absolutely. Thanks for reading! My next stop is 30. I want to get up to 10 companies that pay along each of the three quarterly schedules … 10 that start in January, 10 that start in February and 10 that start in March.

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