September 2019 portfolio update

Third straight month of increasing dividend income

I feel like I’d be doing myself – and my readers – a disservice if I didn’t start pumping out monthly portfolio updates. So, here we are … starting with September.

Not only is it a great way to catch up with the dividends and purchases from the month that was, but it’s a great way to track progress over time. When it comes to investing, nothing happens overnight. It’ll be nice to look back on these in a year or two to see how things have changed.

This is the first monthly update I’ve had and my third full month working on what I hope will become a $1,000,000 portfolio in the next 20-30 years. I have 50 positions, five from each of the 10 sectors other than real estate (gotta diversify, kids). So, five from Communication Services, five from Financials, five from Healthcare, etc.

I earned $1.88 in dividend income my first month (July), $6.87 the second (August) and now, thanks to a more complete pile of positions, I’m happy to say I’ve nearly quadrupled August’s total in September.

This month’s dividends

Like I said, I nearly quadrupled August’s total, ballooning my dividend income from the aforementioned $6.87 to $23.52. I was paid by four different companies in August. September, though, saw 20 different companies send a little cash my way. Little, of course, is the operative word, but a dividend is a dividend. They’re small now, but that’s the point of these monthly updates. If I stick with the process, the $0.46 I earned for owning one share of Microsoft, for example, could be hundreds or even thousands 20 years down the road. Anyway, here’s the list of dividends I received in the last month:

PSX $0.90
UPS $0.96
DFS $0.44
BA $2.06
VMC $0.31
AEP $0.67
CVX $1.19
XOM $0.87
JNJ $2.85
MSFT $0.46
COST $0.65
EPR $0.38
STAG $0.12
NEE $1.25
LEA $3.75
BLK $3.30
HAL $0.18
PSA $2.00
NKE $0.22
PEP $0.96

There you have it – $23.52 from 20 different companies.

This month’s purchases

I made quite a few purchases this month. Not many value buys, but I’m happy I was able to add to positions I wanted to add to … like Starbucks, AT&T and Chase. Sometimes, when you have a 20-30 year timeline, it doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you’re buying low. Sometimes, just buying period is all I’m after.

SBUX 9 shares ($823.53)
ABBV 1 share ($69.15)
ATVI 1 share ($54.60)
T 15 shares ($564.28)
KR 1 share ($24.58)
PFE 2 shares ($73.85)
CVS 2 shares ($127.30)
MSFT 1 share ($140.94)
JPM 16 shares ($1,885.24

Don’t get used to me shelling out quite as much cash on a monthly basis, but it was fun to be able to do this time around. I had some money left over from the Chase account I was using for investing before I started fresh a few months back. It’s also early in my march, so I’m always looking to build up a few select positions in order to kinda get the ball rolling a little bit. Now that I’ve done that, I might only spend a couple hundred in a given month depending on what’s going on with the market and my life outside of it.

The 16 shares of Chase, coupled with the two I already owned, make up my biggest position as of this post. The ex-dividend date is coming up in a day or so, too, so I’ll be looking at $16.20 in dividends in October from Chase alone.

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